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Our generally terms of business:

Our following terms and conditions apply, even when the client has a divergent terms and conditions. Changes are made in writing. Change requests of the clients are only valid, when these are confirmed for record.

1. Delivery
Our offers are subject to change. The stated delivery dates are without commitment. Appeals and extensions of time have to be carried out in writing form. Goods in the accordant engineer standards, are free to deflect from offered goods. For the client produced goods can’t be turned back. Is the accomplishment of the agreement for one of the sides in whole or partial unacceptable he is allowed to resign contract.

2. Reservation of proprietary rights
All goods stay our belongings until our allowance in whole are fulfilled. Accesses from Thirds on our goods and claim have to be shown in writing form without delay from the client.

3. Terms of payment
Our budgets are immediately and without discount callable. In the event of default we estimate 5 % of default interest above the current three month Euribor. Further requirements stay untouched from this. A refusal of payment or maintenance is only then possible, when an approved or lawful detected claim exists. General objection has to be carried out in writing.

4. Warranty
For proper and beneficiary letter of complaint we reserve to do rework or to deliver replacement. In case of fail, the client or we are allowed to back out of the contract or the client can call for a decrease of payment. Has our product been repaired through third ones or has it been used in another purpose than originally in guide book or producer rule intended, is a warranty excluded. Is it claimed, that this is not a warranty matter, the client bears the incidental damages. Our period of warranty is one year from delivery date. For requirements of the product liability law as well as malicious or deliberated attitude the lawfully instructions apply. An advanced accountability for consequential harm caused by a defect will be debarred. For used product the warranty is debarred.

5. Adaptive Justice, place of performance, jurisdiction
All treaty, this  terms and conditions included, underlie in appliance and construction only German justice. Appliance of the United Nations Conventions on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is debarred. Place of fulfillment is Kerpen. For disputes the court of jurisdiction is essential. This court of jurisdiction treatment is only essential in the case, that both sides are business people, § 38 ZPO.

6. Final Provisions, Severability clause
Supplements, Additions and Changes of contractually arrangements need the writing form for their virtue. Also the breakup of the writing form needs for its virtue the writing form. The nullity individual regulations in this  terms and conditions do not touch the virtue of the other regulations. Instead of ineffective regulations, step in first line such, who fit ineffective regulations in legally effective economical the most. Same is essential for possibly loophole.

Kerpen, 01.03.2011

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